possible python/linux/gnome issue!!

JanC usenet_spam at janc.invalid
Wed Mar 2 18:36:17 CET 2005

bruce schreef:

> i'm running rh8.0 with gnome.. i'm not sure of the version (it's
> whatever rh shipped).
> i've recently updated (or tried to update) python to the latest
> version. when i try to run the 'Server Settings/Services' Icon within
> gnome, nothing happens...
> i tried to run the 'start services' command from a command line, and
> got the following...
> it appears to be a conflict somewhere...

Red Hat uses Python for their configuration tools.  It seems like those 
are not compatible with the newer python version you installed.

You should keep the older Python version installed & make sure the Red Hat 
tools use that instead of (I think) the newer version.


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