Speeding up CGIHTTPServer

Tim Roberts timr at probo.com
Tue Mar 8 08:45:44 CET 2005

"Johan Kohler" <kohlerj at ukzn.ac.za> wrote:
>I'm using CGIHTTPServer (via its test() method) to test some CGI on my
>Windoze 98 box.  I find that the execution is very slow.  Is there
>anything I can do to make sure I'm getting the best performance out of

Compared to what, and on what hardware?

CGI is not a rip-roaring performance demon on any platform, but
CGIHTTPServer is designed to be convenient more than fast.  It isn't going
to do as well as a native server.

The key question you need ask is this: is it fast enough?  If you're doing
a web page for internal use that is only going to get a hundred hits a day,
who cares if each page takes 5 seconds to render?  If you're doing 10,000
hits a day, you need to choose something other than Windows 98.

There are some other options.  Microsoft has Personal Web Server for Win98,
although I think it's awfully hard to configure.  thttpd and xitami are
good lightweight web servers.

Apache works quite well in Windows, but I don't think it is very happy on
Windows 98.
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