McMillan Installer vs. Python 2.4

Simon John simoninusa2001 at
Thu Mar 31 09:27:45 CEST 2005

mrmakent at wrote:

> First, I got the latest Installer, 6a2, from the Vaults of Parnassus.
> This version is listed as the 'Windows' version.  This means two
> things:  The .py files are sprinkled with DOS-style line endings
> (CR/LF) and file endings (^Z), and the runtime support files for
> are not prebuilt.

I have a Linux version of 6a2 at

Could you build that using 2.4 and see if it works (I'm in the middle
of moving house, so don't have my Linux box to hand)?

It should work out of the box I guess, as I assume the Linux version
already has the carriage returns fixed. I'm not sure what else is
different, but it seems to be about half the size of the Windows one
(also on my website).

> This takes care of the management roadblock of "Your script is only a
> couple K in length, but you turn in into an executable and it takes
> MANY meg?!!?  Well, Python is obviously too inefficient for our use."

That's unfortunate. Did they never see a C++ program statically linked
with a few libs that comes to something huge? How big are you typically
looking at?

Maybe you need to explain to them your binary (including interpreter)
is the equivalent of shipping the 20Mb JVM with a Java program, or the
200Mb CLR with a C# program!

> At least, on some platforms.  Sadly, no upx on our main delivery
> platform, which is AIX.  Does anyone know of a better
> for AIX than gzexe?

Don't forget the --strip option in Installer, and call it using 'python
-OO', that will take it down a few Kbytes....

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