Jython Phone Interview Advice

Paul Watson pwatson at redlinepy.com
Tue Mar 15 15:49:52 CET 2005

"George Jempty" <scriptify at yahoo.com> wrote in message 
news:1110885679.848835.32630 at o13g2000cwo.googlegroups.com...
> I'm undergoing a phone interview for a Jython job today.  Anybody have
> practical advice for me?  I haven't worked with Python in years, but I
> have been working with Java in the meantime (resume at
> http://scriptify.com/george_jempty_resume.pdf).  I've been reading up:
> my old "Quick Python" (Harris/McDonald) book, a somewhat more current
> "Visual Quickstart Guide" (Fehily), as well as "Jython for Java
> Programmers" (Bill) via safari.oreilly.com.
> My interviewer today will be a somewhat technical manager.  A key thing
> I plan to ask is will this be primarily maintenance or new development.
> I don't think I'm cut out for new development considering my
> inexperience.
> Some things I'm noticing upon (re)reading my books.  Triple quoted
> strings: those provide functionality similar to Perl's "here"
> documents.
> Also, considering Javascript will be a substantial component of my job,
> I'm noticing that Javascript's array/"hash" literal syntax is EXACTLY
> the same as that for Python lists/dictionaries.  This could lead to
> easily sharing data between the client and server side, though I think
> I should probably keep this one under my hat, at least with a manager.
> Though if things go well I will probably subsequently interview with
> more technical folks.
> Otherwise, the only thing I can think to tell a manager in a phone
> screen is that I'm willing to undergo brainbench.com's Python
> certification.
> Any advice would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance

Gee, George.  I wonder if the interviewing manager or anyone in their 
company has access to newsgroups? 

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