wxPython vs. pyQt

Duncan Booth duncan.booth at invalid.invalid
Sun Mar 20 11:15:54 CET 2005

Swaroop C H wrote:

> For those who don't know, Qt 4 on Windows will be available under GPL.
> So, you can write a (GPLed) app using Qt 4 and run it on Windows, Mac,
> Linux and even embedded!

Yes, but the FAQ implies to me that they really don't want to encourage
people to use the GPL: 

> Q: I want to dual license my software too! That means I can use the
> Open Source edition for development, right? 
> A: No. In order to write software that will be sold or licensed
> commercially, in addition to open source, all of your programmers will
> need a commercial license from the outset of the development phase. 
> If you use the Open Source edition of Qt, you can only publish the
> software under the GPL. Trolltech's commercial license terms do not
> allow you to develop any proprietary software using the Open Source
> edition. 

If I read this correctly, if you use the GPL version of QT to do any 
development work you can never release any of the code under anything other 
than the GPL, not even by retrospectively paying Trolltech all the license 
fees they would have been due for it to be a commercial development.

Also, if you have bought your commercial license, you cannot benefit from 
the pool of existing GPL code by approaching the original author and 
arranging to pay them for a non-GPL license for use within your product.

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