Python & LEGO Mindstorm control...

D H no at spam
Tue Mar 29 23:32:10 CEST 2005

Venkat B wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a question re the use of Python to control a robot built with the
> LEGO Mindstorm system.
> This is to help my 11yr old with his increased interest in 'programming' and
> 'robotics'... If not feasible, he wants to use the graphical-tool that comes
> with it...
> Would you suggest:
> 1. Using LegOS ( and writing/using py
> extensions from a Linux-box, OR
> 2. Using LeJOS ( and writing Jython utils.
> Wanted to incorporate Python somehow, as it may be quite appropriate for his
> age. Will have to help quite a bit in either case, tho... but was wondering
> which is a more treaded path...

I would use the graphical language environment that comes with Lego 
Mindstorms.  It was designed for kids.

I haven't seen anyone show how to program mindstorms with lejos and 
jython, only ruby:

In regular python, there is the Pyro robotics simulator:
but it is designed more for college students.

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