Coding help...very basic

Igorati wade_stoddard at
Sun Mar 6 18:47:27 CET 2005

I need some ideas of how to accomplish this task.
I was told that I just need to save the input in a file and make the file
searchable, nothing fancy like tying into SQL or Oracle. THis is a basic
program and help is greatly appreciated:

You've been given an assignment by your supervisor to program a small
application to monitor the current status of the cash account in the
firm's petty cash fund (the amount of cash kept on hand in the office for
incidental purchases).  The requirements for the program are to allow
users to input the amount of cash deposited, the amount of cash withdrawn
and to get a report of the balance at any given time. You will need to
also add the date of each deposit and the date of each withdrawal and
provide a date with the balance returned upon a given query. The program
should be able to provide a printed report and support a command line

You are to use the object oriented properties of Python to accomplish this

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