anthonyberet nospam at me.invalid
Tue Mar 1 02:07:29 CET 2005

Steve Holden wrote:
> anthonyberet wrote:
>> So, is it pronounced 'Tee-Kinter', or 'Tee-Kay-Inter'?
>> I don't want to appear as a dork down the pub.
> If anyone down your pub knows enough about Python to understand what 
> TKinter is I very much doubt they'll be rude enough to call you a dork 
> for displaying your ignorance.
> that's-my-kind-of-pub-ly y'rs  - steve

I have never recovered from the time I said 'Lye-Nux' and 'Ess-Kyoo-Ell' 
in the same evening ;|)

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