[OT] Who Knows of a Good Computational Physics Textbook?

Dan Sommers me at privacy.net
Mon Mar 14 04:13:22 CET 2005


I posted this to sci.physics and alt.sci.physics and got nowhere;
perhaps the much more friendly and helpful crowd here can help me.  I
know that a lot of pythonistas are, in fact, scientists.

I am a non-traditional, undergraduate physics (and math) student with
20+ years of professional software development behind me.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good book from which my
professor and I can construct a one-semester independent study course on
computational physics?

Since this will be in the physics department at school, we are more
concerned with the direct applicability of the material to physics
rather than an extensive study of numerical methods from a strictly
mathematical or computer science point of view.  Also, while I am not
afraid to learn yet another computer language, a steep learning curve in
that area would probably end up detracting from the physics aspects of
the course.

If you know of some place I can go in order to find the right questions
to ask (and possibly the right place to ask them!), then don't be afraid
to let me know that, too.


Dan Sommers
μ₀ × ε₀ × c² = 1

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