Simple account program

Igorati wade_stoddard at
Sun Mar 20 16:20:02 CET 2005

I was looking at both the programs and I got Dennis Lee Bieber's code to
work, then I tried the imporvements from Chris Reberts code but was unable
to get it to run. It said EOL error. I took out got and tried to move it
around but it didn't take. I took the else code at the end so that other
keys cannot be entered. I also see at the begining you are defining what a
deposit and withdrawl is. Ironically our next assignment is to make this
program handle errors and try to implement a GUI. I'm going to use the GUI
feauture and see what I come up with. Thank you all for your help. I know I
will be coding proper some day in the future. 

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