IronPython 0.7 released!

Robin Becker robin at
Thu Mar 24 09:36:34 CET 2005

Robert Kern wrote:
> Robin Becker wrote:
>> yes, but the simple download is a bit bare, I was hoping to find out 
>> more and then the passport login seems to come into play. Is there no 
>> other homepage somewhere? I assumed wsa, but that 
>> seems a bit out of date now. The mailing list seems to go to end of 
>> February so was looking for some recent back and forth.
> Jim has a predilection towards keeping mum for a while so he can make 
> big announcements at his conference talks. Once you know that about his 
> character, the rest falls into place.
apparently he announced at 1800 PST on the list, but I note he's 
directing bug reports to the gotdotnet site :(

I just have this thing about M$ and passport etc etc
Robin Becker

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