Python docs [was: function with a state]

Martin Ambuhl mambuhl at
Fri Mar 25 00:24:48 CET 2005

Xah Lee wrote:
> The Python doc is relatively lousy, from content organization to the
> tech writing quality.
> I think i'll just post snippets of my comments as i find them. (and
> feel like exposing)

The cross-posting idiot is back.  Next he'll be posting his readings 
from Richard Burton's _Arabian Nights_.

Xah, for you to think that Python is topical in the newsgroups to which 
you posted, you must be sharing Karl Malbrain's cell at the loony bin.

Apologies to these various newsgroups, but I have no idea which one Xah 
Lee actually reads or posts from.  F'ups set.

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