Lowest hassle Python web server?

Larry Bates lbates at syscononline.com
Wed Mar 23 15:52:01 CET 2005

kanzen wrote:
> I keep telling my friends that Python rocks. Now it's time to put my
> money where my mouth is. I'm about to start writing a server for a
> phone based game. It needs to handle simlpe requests from some Java
> code running on the phone at a fairly low transaction rate. There will
> also be a simple web site allowing users to edit preferences and so
> forth. I have just enough Python experience to decide that I prefer it
> over Java for this job. It'll be on a Linux box that I have full
> control over.
> I can see from FAQs that there are several possible ways of doing web
> server work in Python, e.g. Twisted or mod_python in Apache, etc. So
> I'm wondering:
> - Could you recommend a solution you've found to be the most
> convenient?
> - Does threading cause any more of a hassle in Python than Java?
> - Is there anything similar to JSP in Java?
> Thanks,
> KanZen
You might want to take a look a Medusa.  It is the basis for the
web server that is bundled in Zope.


Larry Bates

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