modifiable config files in compiled code?

Tom Willis tom.willis at
Fri Mar 11 05:09:21 CET 2005

ConfigParser works on linux I'm pretty sure. I just ran Ipython
imported it and loaded a config file.

I don't remember anything in the docs that said otherwise.

I would prefer an xml style config file myself. But I can get by with 
and ini right now. The logging framework seems to me to be the
hairiest configurations and it's able to work in an ini format. If I
need anything fancier than that, I might consider doing it for a
living and getting someone to pay me to compe up with it. :)

On 10 Mar 2005 19:34:46 -0800, gaudetteje at
<gaudetteje at> wrote:
> Since this utility will also be ported to the linux world, does anyone
> know what the linux/unix counterpart of a Windows .INI configuration
> file is?
> I suppose I could get away with using XML for my config files and avoid
> having two different tools altogether.
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Thomas G. Willis

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