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> I'm currently trying to develop a demonstrator in python for an
> ontology of a football team. At present all the fit players are
> exported to a text document.
> The program reads the document in and splits each line into a string
> (since each fit player and their attributes is entered line by line in
> the text document) using list = target.splitlines()
> [snipped]
> The program then performs a loop like so:
> The two main problems I'm having are that the first and entry in the
> list is not printing. Once I have overcome this problem I then need
> each player and there related variables to be stored seperately. This
> is not happening at present because each time the loop runs it
> overwrites the value in each variable.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Ben.

Ben, can you post a sample line from the document and indicate the fields you want to extract? I'm
sure it will be easier to help you this way.


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