Python becoming less Lisp-like

Nick Craig-Wood nick at
Tue Mar 15 10:30:01 CET 2005

Torsten Bronger <bronger at> wrote:
>  The current snapshot is a transitional Python and thus
>  with some double features.  The numerical types and two kinds of
>  classes are examples.  I'm very surprised about this, because Python
>  is a production language, but I'm happy, too.

As long as python 2.x -> 3.x/3000 isn't like perl 5.x -> perl 6.x I'll
be perfectly happy too.

"Less is more" is a much better philosophy for a language and having
the courage to take things out differentiates python from the crowd.

Of course we users will complain about removals, but we'll knuckle
down and take our medicine eventually ;-)

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