getting data with proper encoding to the finish

John Machin sjmachin at
Tue Mar 15 01:50:27 CET 2005

Ksenia Marasanova wrote:
> Sorry, I meant: I use field of the type 'text' in a Postgres table to
> store my data. The data is a XML string.
> > Instead of "print data", do "print repr(data)" and show us what you
> > get. What *you* see on the screen is not much use for diagnosis;
> > the values of the bytes in the file that matter.
> Thanks for this valuable tip. I take letter "é" as an example.
> "print repr(data)" shows this:
> u'\xe9'

That doesn't look like an "XML string" to me. Show the WHOLE contents
of the field.

Have you read the docs of the Perl module of which pyXLWrtiter is a
docs-free port? Right down the end it mutters something about XML
parsers returning UTF8 which will jam up the works if fed into an Excel
spreadsheet ...

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