python/mod_python conflicts...

bruce bedouglas at
Sat Mar 5 18:30:32 CET 2005


i have a linux redhat8 server. i'm trying to get python andmod_python to
play nicely, meaning that i have the right mod_python for the python that
i've installed.

it appears that the box has multiple versions of python.

when i'm 'root' the python version is 2.2.1
when i'm a user 'test', the version is 2.3.5

when i do a 'rpm -q python, i get python-2.2.1-17 as being what was/is
installed via 'rpm'

when i do a 'rpm -q mod_python, i get mod_python-3.1.3-5 as being what
was/is installed via 'rpm'

i tried to do an upgrade of the python/mod_python using the rpms from redhat
for RH8 and RH9 and got the following err msg from the command line

>>> import mod_python
ImportError: No module named psp

This happened for both the RH8 and RH9 rppms that I used...

so... any ideas as to how to get this situation to work/resolved...



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