Grouping code by indentation - feature or ******?

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>> 1) The stuff doesn't has to be spread over multiple pages. One
>>   can have 2 functions, each about three quarter of a page.
>>   The second function will then cross a page boundary.
>Once upon a time, one could put a literal ASCII pagefeed char (^L I 
>believe) in a comment between the two functions to put each on its own 
>page.  I have not tried this on Windows, though.

In many languages, C and Python included, the formfeed (^L) is just another
piece of whitespace.  You don't even need to comment it.

  print "before"
  print "after"



(Pedantic note: I cheated there.  My cmd session did not really say "^L".
It gave me the symbol for female, which is code point 12 in the default
character set.  I translated it to the VIM equivalent to make the point.)
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