Iterate using tuple as index

Tim Jarman tmj at
Thu Mar 10 22:22:57 CET 2005

James Stroud wrote:

> Hello,
> Its not obvious to me how to do this. I would like to iterate using a
> tuple as an index. Say I have two equivalently sized arrays, what I do now
> seems inelegant:
> for index, list1_item in enumerate(firstlist):
>   do_something(list1_item, secondlist[index])
> I would like something more like this:
> for list1_item, list2_item in (some_kind_of_expression):
>   do_something(list1_item, list2_item)
> Practically, I'm not so sure B is better than A, but the second would be a
> little more aesthetic, to me, at least.
> Any thoughts on what "some_kind_of_expression" would be?
> James

for item1, item2 in zip(list1, list2):
    do_something(item1, item2)


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