locale support and 4.10

Michael Piotrowski mxp at dynalabs.de
Sun Mar 6 12:36:54 CET 2005

Timothy Smith <timothy at open-networks.net> writes:

> something strange is happening, no matter what i try nothing is a 
> supported locale
> and yes it's freebsd 4.10

AFAIK, the locale support in FreeBSD 4.1 is incomplete.  Support for
LC_NUMERIC was only added in 4.6 - the release notes for 4.6 say:

  The locale support was synchronized with the code from FreeBSD
  -CURRENT. This change brings support for the LC_NUMERIC,
  LC_MONETARY, and LC_MESSAGES categories, as well as improvements to
  strftime(3), revised locale definitions, and improvement of the
  localization of many base system programs.


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