Simple XML-to-Python conversion

Tim Jarman tmj at
Thu Mar 17 13:27:17 CET 2005

gaudetteje at wrote:

> Amara does indeed make it effortless to transform an XML document into
> a Python structure.  Unfortunately this suggestion requires the 3rd
> party software, Amara, _and_ a 4Suite installation according to the
> website.
> The reason I can't expect users to have 3rd party tools is because this
> tool will be used in a secure lab environment without Internet access.
> Asking the admins to place these software packages on the network for
> users to install is like asking GW to say something semi-intelligent.

Why not use distutils to install any additional packages you need? That's
what it's there for. Presumably you're going to need to package this thing
for distribution anyway.

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