How two modules call functions defined in each other?

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Sun Mar 20 11:20:16 CET 2005

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>I am python beginner, I have a question about the interdependence of

>For example, when I have two modules:
>def plus(x):
>  return add(x,1)
>def add(x,y):
>  return x+y
>def plus2(x):
>  return plus(x)+1

>How should I write "import" in both files?

In module1, import module2 and vice versa.  From moduleX, you access any
attribute (function or "variable") of moduleY by using moduleY.attribute .

>What about the global varibals? is there anything like "extern" keyword
>in C?

There are no "global variables" in Python, only module-level attributes.  If by
global you mean the main program's (which is also a module) attributes, in your
other modules do a:

import __main__

and then access its attributes as __main__.attribute .  It's not generally a
good idea in Python, though, so you might like to explain what you need to do so
that we suggest alternate approaches.

>or python has some other solutions?

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