Unimport module

Chmouel Boudjnah cboudjnah at squiz.net
Mon Mar 14 06:49:30 CET 2005

Terry Reedy wrote:
> Yes, Python's import mechanism assumes that sys.path is relatively static, 
> or grow only.  I not sure what 'reload Module' would do after the first 
> loop.

it does work using like that :

		if sys.modules.has_key("Module"):
			import Module

i think it's kind of cleaner solution.

>>which after it does works fine. But my question is what's happenning in 
>>the internals, does it free the memory of Module to do a sys.modules.pop 
> A Python implementation *may* 'free' an object anytime after the last 
> reference to the object disappears.  Whether the name Module and the slot 
> in sys.modules are the only two references depends, I believe, on both the 
> code in the module and the code the uses it.  sys.getrefcount() can help 
> answer this.

ah ok, thanks to make this thing clear, do you have any pointer how to 
debug/watch the python internals ?

Cheers, Chmouel.

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