PEP 246 revision

boisgera Sebastien.Boisgerault at
Sun Mar 13 20:23:19 CET 2005

> >Have you read the BDFL's "Python Optional Typechecking Redux" ?
> Yes.
> >(
> >It's usage of adapt assumes that "a class is a protocol", so I
> >guess that it does not work with the new version of PEP 246.
> Why not? There's nothing wrong with classes (or anything else) being
> protocols...? AFAIK, the current version of the PEP was specifically
> rewritten in order to fit the BDFL blog (as stated in the PEP).
> [snip]
> I don't quite see the conflict (between the blog and the PEP) here...

There is no conflict, I was wrong ! I guess that I should stop
drinking so much ;). Thanks for your help.



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