Q: Module Shared Data

CatManDo coatimundi at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 4 20:46:41 CET 2005

Disclaimer #1: I am a Python newbie, and I appreciate the vast
documentation at python.org -- some of which I expect has the answer to
my question if I can find it.

I am working on a custom computational fluid dynamics code.  I will
create one or more compiled Python modules in C/C++ to provide new
types and functions for manipulating those types.  I have a *lot* of
data.  Efficiency requires that the new data structures be shared
freely within the scope of the module, without directly exposing the
data to the standard Python runtime environment.

Stated another way, I need the data to persist in virtual memory across
seprate invocations of functions in the module(s) and to be accessible
only through methods explicitly provided by the module(s).

How can I do this?  What are some good examples to study?

Disclaimer #2: I am a aware that strong opinions exist about closing
off data from users.  But it's a requirement for this application.  I
don't like it, but I need the job!

Thanks for your time

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