How to ensure Maximize button shows in Linux/Unix (Tkinter)

Eric Brunel eric_brunel at
Tue Mar 29 10:56:10 CEST 2005

On 26 Mar 2005 08:19:07 -0800, Harlin Seritt <harlinseritt at> wrote:

> Diez,
> Thanks for the quick reply. I am running this under KDE. I actually
> haven't tried doing so under any other wm for the moment. Any ideas how
> to get it to show in KDE?

This is a tk bug; see:

The latest tcl/tk 8.4 release may solve the problem, and a patch is provided for the second bug report if you don't want to upgrade.

python -c 'print "".join([chr(154 - ord(c)) for c in "U(17zX(%,5.z^5(17l8(%,5.Z*(93-965$l7+-"])'

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