problem with recursion

vegetax vegeta.z at
Thu Mar 3 18:54:21 CET 2005

I am trying to make convert a directory "tree" in a list of list, but cant
find the algoritm =( ,for example a directory tree like :



should convert into:


I dont have any idea how to do it =( ,so far i get something like
this : [doc1,ele1,ele2,doc3,ele3,doc2,ele4,ele5] instead of

I need this in order to print a directory tree with htmlgen library which
uses nested lists to represent trees.

from os import listdir
from os.path import isdir,join,basename

dirpath  = '/tmp/test/'
res = []

def rec(f):
    print f
    for ele in listdir(f):
        ele = join(f,ele)
        if isdir(ele):
            # append the directory name  
        else :

print res

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