best XSLT processor?

Steve Holden steve at
Tue Mar 1 11:00:53 CET 2005

uche.ogbuji at wrote:
> This is a good way to kick off a tussle among interested parties, but
> hinestly, at this point, most packages work fine.  In my opinion your
> rade-off right now is raw speed (e.g. libxslt) versus flexibility (e.g.
> 4Suite).  All are bug-free enough that you'd have to be doing somethign
> *very* exotic to run into trouble.
> Just pick one or two and try them.


I don't know what news reader you are using, but I wonder if I could ask 
you to retain just a little more context in your posts. If they were 
personal emails I would probably be able to follow the thread, but in a 
newsgroup it's always helpful when I see a comment such as your above if 
I know what the heck you are talking about ;-).

You will notice this post starts by quoting your remarks to make it 
clear exactly where I was looking for context and not finding it. My 
first thought was "*What* is a good way ... ?" - remember, posts don't 
always appear in the same order in everyone's readers/servers.


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