[Python-Announce] cfgparse v01_01 released

Dan Gass dan.gass at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 15:12:33 CET 2005

I'm pleased to announce the V01_01 release of cfgparse.

Whats New
1) Exception argument added to the Configuration parser initializer so
that exceptions may be raised when user errors are encountered instead
of the default call to sys.exit() that doesn't provide traceback.
2) Error messages were enhanced giving more detailed information.

cfgparse is a more convenient, flexible, and powerful module for
parsing configuration files than the standard library ConfigParser
module. cfgparse uses a more declarative style modelled after the
popular optparse standard library module.

cfgparse can optionally cooperate with the optparse module to provide
coordination between command line and configuration file options. In
addition, the cooperation can be used to allow the user to control
features of the parser from the command line.

Documentation: http://cfgparse.sourceforge.net/
Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cfgparse/

Feature Summary
+ Simple ini style configuration syntax.
+ Type checking with error handling and help messages.
+ Help summary modelled after that in optparse.
+ Round trip - read, modify, write configuration files with comment retention.
+ Cooperates with optparse so options may be overridden from command line.
+ Supports heirarchically organized option settings.
   * User may store multiple option settings in a arbitrarily deep
keyed dictionary.
   * Application uses a key list to walk into the dictionary to obtain
a setting.
   * User controls key list with setting in configuration file.
   * Keys may be added to the list using command line or environment variables.
+ Supports allowing user control of configuration files used.
   * Environment variables may be used to specify a default configuration file.
   * Command line may be used to specify additional configuration files.
   * Configuration files may include other configuration files.
+ Configuration files may alternatively be written in Python.
   * Full power and flexibility of Python available for creation of
option settings.
   * Allows options settings to be real Python objects.
   * This feature is NOT enabled by default.
+ May be extended to support syntax such as XML.

Dan Gass

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