compiled open source Windows lisp (was Re: Python becoming less Lisp-like)

David Golden david.golden at
Wed Mar 16 00:21:50 CET 2005

James Graves wrote:

> But coverage in this area (compiled CL) is a bit thin, I'll admit.

But who really cares?  After all, there are the mature commercial
proprietary lisp compilers for those people who insist on using
closedware OSes, and they've already proven they're willing to use

This, I fear, is similar to Brandon's demands for a microcrap
visual-studio compatible yet open source gaming framework. or silly
expectations of microsoft suite support for various open-source
language implementations (just google search on groups for his

Might happen (has happened, to an extent), but where's the developer
motivation?   It's not like it's hard to install linux these days. 
Most open source developers would be indifferent at best to a windows
port, it's not like it's even a fun challenge like a port to an obscure
platform like AROS would be, you just end up with
creeping hungarian notation ugliness in your code, and lots of #defines.
Most people writing open source and for the fun of it just aren't going
to go massively out of the way to support windows, and even if they do,
they're just giving the slaves another excuse not to throw off their

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