parameter name conflict. How to solve?

Duncan Booth duncan.booth at invalid.invalid
Tue Mar 8 16:47:11 CET 2005

Bo Peng wrote:

> Thank everyone for the quick responses. All methods work in general. 
> Since func() has to take the same parameter set as some other functins, 
> I can not use  func(output='', output_fn=output). "output_alias=output" 
> etc are fine.

One suggestion that I haven't seen so far:

Where does this mysteriously named function 'output' come from? If it is 
defined in another module, then simply call it qualified by the module 

i.e. if the code looks like:

   from othermodule import output

   def func(output=''):

change it to:

   import othermodule

   def func(output=''):

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