SimpleHTTPRequestHandler handling long lasting requests problem

Andy Leszczynski leszczynscy at
Mon Mar 14 07:35:52 CET 2005

Steve Holden wrote:
> Andy Leszczynski wrote:
>> Sorry for questioning Python :-) - it turned out that this is a 
>> problem with Mozilla. For some reason it holds up with opening second 
>> connection to given host until the previous one is completed. 
>> Interestingly enough, IE works better with Python multi threaded 
>> server in that regard.
>> Thx, A.
> Try switching keepalives off, or falling back to HTTP 1.0 - ironically 
> it may be the attempt to use the same connection for both pieces of 
> content that holds things up.
> regards
>  Steve

I tested it before and it did not work either. Have to try  HTTP 1.0 thouh.

Thanks, A.

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