xmlrpc with Python and large datases

Duncan Booth duncan.booth at invalid.invalid
Mon Mar 21 14:48:40 CET 2005

writeson wrote:

> Since then he's run into a problem. If he sends a query that gets a
> very large recordset from the database the script fails and it vaguely
> reports about a "broken pipe", which I'm guessing is a problem with the
> network connection. Has anyone else seen this use XMLRPC and Python and
> large amounts of data being returned via XMLRPC? And if so, is there a
> solution?
Most web servers have a configurable limit on the size of data sent to the 
server for a single request. It sounds as though you may be exceeding this. 
Check what setting has been used on your web server.

If it is Apache then look at the limitrequestbody parameter, it is 
unlimited by default, but advisable to set a limit to deter certain types 
of DoS attack.

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