xmlrpc with Python and large datases

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Tue Mar 22 14:09:18 CET 2005

writeson wrote:
> Duncan,
> Thanks for the reply. We are running this on an Apache server on the
> linux box, and an iPlanet4.1 server on the solaris machines. However,
> both these servers are strictly 'inside' the firewall. I checked the
> apache configuration and there is no limitrequestbody parameter in the
> file at all. So I'm assuming from what you've said that our
> configuration would be unlimited. However, I will test that by
> inserting limitrequestbody and setting it to 0 for unlimited to see if
> that changes things.
> Thanks,
> Doug
Usually a "broken pipe" message is to do with disruption of a Unix 
pipeline rather than a network connection. I've seen the message mostly, 
IIRC, in BSD-based environments.

A pipeline connects the standard output of one process to the standard 
input of another. If this second process terminated while the first is 
still writing its output the "broken pipe" message will be raised. It's 
therefore probable that some consumer process is terminating before its 

Whether this is due to timeouts in the server environment is open to 
question, but at least you'll be looking for the right problem :-)

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