Ruby on Rails or Perl's there a Python equivalent

Gary Nutbeam gnutbeam at
Thu Mar 3 23:10:34 CET 2005

Thanks for the feedback. I should have been more specific though and
mentioned this has done on Linux (client and server).

D H wrote:

> Gary Nutbeam wrote:
>> I've noticed that the Perl camp has a very nice web/database environment
>> called Maypole. Ruby has the Rails environment which on the surface seems
>> similar to Maypole. I can't find anything in Python that ties a database
>> to a web interface anywhere near as well as Ruby on Rails or Maypole.
>> I see the behemoth Zope having the best web/database integration, but
>> unfortunately I don't want to spent weeks writing xml for the interface.
>> Does anyone know of something similar to Rails or Maypole in Python?
> Check out Castle on Rails for .NET/Mono.  It is still in early
> development, but you can use it with C#, VB, or boo, and I'm sure
> eventually with IronPython as well.

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