Is Python like VB?

D H no at spam
Thu Mar 17 15:54:49 CET 2005

Mike Cox wrote:
> As you may or may not know, Microsoft is discontinuing Visual Basic in favor
> of VB.NET and that means I need to find a new easy programming language.  I
> heard that Python is an interpreted language similar to VB.  This means that
> it doesn't have all the hard stuff like pointers, classes and templates like
> C, C++ and assembly language.
> Where I work we use  Microsoft Office with a lot of customization using
> Visual Basic.  I would like to switch to Python to do it since VB is being
> discontinued.  Would Python meet our requirements? I need to make lots of
> GUI applications (message boxes, forms, etc.) and do the underlying business
> logic too.

I would either stick with the old Visual Basic since plenty of other 
people will keep using it, or go ahead and switch to VB.NET or C#.
Especially if you are used to the Windows Form Designer in Visual 
Studio, I would not recommend switching to Python.  It has no 
equivalent, and thus Python would be much harder for you to use.
We have almost finished Windows form designer support in SharpDevelop 
IDE for boo, a .NET language similar to Python.  But still in your case 
I'd just use VB.NET since you are familiar with VB and all .NET 
languages are pretty comparable.

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