Python docs [was: function with a state]

Steve Holden steve at
Wed Mar 9 02:27:25 CET 2005

Xah Lee wrote:
> thanks for the help...
> -------
> the python doc is stilted. It tried to organized the thing and with a
> style around some highbrow inane "computer science" outlook.
[usual semi-literate expletive-deleted rant omitted]

<sarcasm>And your writing is so lucid and comprehensible, it's a pity 
you can't simply rewrite the documentation so the rest of the world can 
understand it.</sarcasm>

While the Python documentation does, of course, have its shortcomings, 
you will not improve it by indulging in this kind of nonsense, which 
appears to have become some kind of reflex. Your apparent assumption 
that your idiotic behavior will make any difference to anything or 
anybody is arrogant beyond belief. This is a real pity, as your web site 
makes it apparent that in matters where you possess genuine knowledge 
you can produce worthwhile work.

Please abandon any notion that your own writings are in any way superior 
to the object of your complaints. At least I can learn Python from the 
documentation. From you I can learn nothing, you are so self-absorbed 
that it would take a pneumatic drill to penetrate that thick skull.


PS: There is no "e" in masturbation, as any properly-qualified wanker 
should know.

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