Grouping code by indentation - feature or ******?

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Sat Mar 26 16:42:03 CET 2005

Javier Bezos <no.spam at> wrote or quoted:
> "Tim Tyler" <tim at .org> escribi? en el mensaje

> > What do you guys think about Python's grouping of code via indentation?
> >
> > Is it good - perhaps because it saves space and eliminates keypresses?


> I particularly hate it, but Python has lots of good
> things which compesate that (another annoying point
> of Python are slices -- mine are always off by 1).
> I always write explicitly ends as #end, so that I
> can reorganice the code easily if necessary. Maybe
> in the future, when Ruby matures, I could change
> my mind, but currently Python is still my favourite
> scripting language (as formerly was Tcl).

My current impression is that Python is about the best dynamic

It helps that it's one of the most popular such languages.

One of my concerns about it is that it's too big and complex.

I very much favour the smalltalk-inspired idea of keeping
the actual language as small as is reasonably possible.

I wonder if there are any promising new kids on the dynamic
scripting-language block that I haven't heard about yet -
i.e. things not on:
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