Python-list Digest, Vol 18, Issue 208

Steven Bethard steven.bethard at
Tue Mar 15 00:01:21 CET 2005

Jeff Shannon wrote:
> John Roth wrote:
>> That's a reason, but I don't consider it a good reason.
>> I cannot, in fact, think of a single time when I've wanted
>> to enter an octal number. Hex numbers, yes, but  not
>> octal.
> I would agree with you, but it's there for historical reasons.
> now that almost the entire industry has standardized on 
> power-of-2 word sizes, octal is nearly useless but is still carried 
> about for backwards compatibility.

So do you think it's worth lobbying for its removal in Python 3.0 when 
we can break some backwards compatibility?


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