Re: problems with  character

jdonnell jaydonnell at
Wed Mar 23 18:31:39 CET 2005

Thanks for all the replies. I just got in to work so I haven't tried
any of them yet. I see that I wasn't as clear as I should have been so
I'll clarify a little. I'm grabbing some data from msn's rss feed.
Here's an example.

The string ' all domain name extensions     » Good' is where I have a
problem. The
'    »' shows up as  '    »' when I write it to a file or stick
it in mysql. I did a hex dump and this is what I see.

jay at localhost:~/scripts> cat test.txt
extensions     » Good
jay at localhost:~/scripts> xxd test.txt
0000000: 6578 7465 6e73 696f 6e73 20c2 a020 c2a0  extensions .. ..
0000010: 20c2 bb20 476f 6f64 0a                    .. Good

One thing that jumps out is that two of the Â's are c2a0, but one of
them is c2bb. Well, those are the details since I wasn't clear before.

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