What's the cost of using hundreds of threads?

Przemysław Różycki P.Rozycki at elka.pw.edu.pl
Wed Mar 2 18:33:22 CET 2005

 > In article <d047rn$dtf$1 at julia.coi.pw.edu.pl>,
 > Przemysław Różycki  <P.Rozycki at elka.pw.edu.pl> wrote:
 >> Thanks for your comments on winXP threads implementation. You 
confirmed me in conviction that I shouldn't use windows.
 >> Personally I use linux with 2.6.10 kernel, so hopefully I don't have 
to share your grief. ;)
 > ?  !?  I'm confused, and apparently I'm confusing others.
 > The one message I posted in this thread--largely reinforced
 > by others--emphasizes only that WinXP is far *better* than
 > earlier Win* flavors in its thread management.  While I not
 > only agree that Windows has disadvantages, but have stopped
 > buying it for our company, my reasons have absolutely nothing
 > to do with the details of implementation of WinXP.
:) . Ok, perhaps my answer wasn't that precise. I wrote my post only to 
say that your discussion on windows' threading performace doesn't 
concern me - because my program is written for linux environment. And 
yes, I agree that my comment could sound a bit enigmatic.

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