Question about string.printable and non-printable characters

Sibylle Koczian Sibylle.Koczian at
Mon Mar 21 13:34:40 CET 2005

Michael Hoffman schrieb:
> string.printable is a least-common denominator ASCII set. You can certainly
> make it string.printable + "aeioun" (replacing the ASCII letters with their
> accented versions in your codeset of course).
There is something I don't understand about string.printable: on the one 
hand the library reference says "This is a combination of digits, 
letters, punctuation, and whitespace." The value of string.letters is 
locale-dependent, so string.printable should change as well after 
calling locale.setlocale(). But it doesn't.

But you could always call locale.setlocale() and afterwards combine your 
"printable" string yourself.

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