bsddb support for berkeley db 4.3?

janeaustine50 at janeaustine50 at
Sun Mar 13 07:35:15 CET 2005

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> janeaustine50 at wrote:
> > It doesn't seem like the python 2.4(and the recent 2.4.1) support
> > berkeley db 4.3.
> What makes you say that? It builds fine for me.

Oh, it doesn't work with 2.4(I tried this one) but with 2.4.1

In the from 2.4 there is a line with:
            'db4': {'libs': ('db-4.2', 'db42', 'db-4.1', 'db41',
'db-4.0', 'db4',),

But in 2.4.1 the from pybsddb project has been merged:
        for x in (0,1,2,3):
            db_inc_paths.append('/usr/include/db4%d' % x)

> > bsddb3(at already supports 4.3 since last
> > doesn't explicitly support win32 -- see the assert statement in
> > I thought the bsddb3 project were merged into the python
> > project. Hasn't it?
> It certainly has. However, the authors of bsddb3 are free to release
> new versions of their software whenever they wish to, independent of
> any Python releases. They are encouraged to merge their changes into
> Python CVS, but they are requested to avoid adding new features to
> Python 2.4.
> Regards,
> Martin

Thank you.

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