wxPython vs. pyQt

Giovanni Bajo noway at sorry.com
Thu Mar 17 11:21:47 CET 2005

eholbroo at kaustinr.r.com wrote:

> I've narrowed down my toolkit selection for my project to wxPython and
> pyQt, and now i'd like to hear any opinions, war stories, peeves, etc,
> about them, particularly from anyone who's used _both_toolkits_. I'm
> only mildly interested in the IDEs and UI designers for each, as i
> want to do as much as i can in just Xemacs and xterm. Feel free to
> rant, rave, pontificate, whatever.

I have used both. I find PyQT is vastly superior than wxPython for a number of
reasons, including overall better design of the library, total flexibility and
orthogonality of provided features, incredible portability. I would suggest
wxPython only if you cannot meet PyQt license requirements (and this is going
to change soon, since Qt4 will have a GPL version for Windows too).
Giovanni Bajo

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