breaking up is hard to do

Bill Mill bill.mill at
Fri Mar 25 21:53:17 CET 2005

On 25 Mar 2005 12:37:29 -0800, bbands <bbands at> wrote:
> I've a 2,000 line and growing Python script that I'd like to break up
> into a modules--one class alone is currently over 500 lines. There is a
> large config.ini file involved (via ConfigParser), a fair number of
> passed and global variables as well as interaction with external
> programs such as MySQL (via MySQLdb), R (via Rpy) and gnuplot (via
> Gnuplot). Every time I have tried to break it up I end up with thorny
> name-space problems and have had to stitch it back together gain.

What sort of namespace problems? I think you need to tell us what your
specific problems were, so that we can help you more.

Bill Mill
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