SOAPpy Interoperability w/AXIS C++

jkohans at jkohans at
Wed Mar 9 17:51:06 CET 2005


I am having some trouble getting a Python client written using SOAPpy
0.11.6 to work with a Web Service that is published using AXIS C++
version 1.4.  I have a C++ client working, and I am able to compare the
SOAP messages that are being sent by it and the Python client.

It appears as though the only difference is the definition of the XML
Schema and XML Schema-instance namespace.  The C++ client refers to the
2001 versions, but the Python client refers to the 1999 versions.  Has
anyone run into a similar problem and been able to find a work around?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Jeremy Kohansimeh

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