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Thu Mar 31 00:05:01 CEST 2005

suresh mathi wrote:

>I use PIL for image manipulation.
>For drawing rectangles and other shapes PIL was really
>Now i am trying to paste 3 images into a single image.
>All 3 images that i try to paste are having a
>transparent background.
>When i try to open the image and paste the background
>becomes black. I masked the black areas but still the
>shape is not that clear.
>Is their any way to open the file in transparent mode
>or convert it into transparent mode.?
Try to convert your destination image with  Image.mode("RGBA").
I had similar problems. The solution was to create an alpha channel
and merge the images using  Image.composite. This was my code:
        # Original image is "im"
        # Remove transparency
        white = Image.new("RGB",im.size,(255,255,255)) # Create new 
white image
        r,g,b,a = im.split()
        im = Image.composite(im,white,a) # Create a composite

This is for removing transparency (make transparent areas white), but 
probably you
can create an alpha channel for the new image being paster and make a 



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