binutils "strings" like functionality?

cjl cjlesh at
Thu Mar 3 22:16:32 CET 2005

David M. Cooke wrote:

> Are you sure it's monkey/chicken/dog/cat, and not
> monkey\chicken\dog\cat? The later one will print monkey\\chicken...
> because of the repr() call.
> Also, you probably want it as [\x20-\x7e] (the DEL character \x7f
> isn't printable). You're also missing tabs (\t).
> The GNU binutils string utility looks for \t or [\x20-\x7e].

Yeah, it is "monkey\chicken\dog\cat", thank you for pointing that out.

I started snooping throught the sourcecode for 'strings' in binutils to
see what it matches against, but I don't really know how to program, so
you just saved me even more time. Thanks again!


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