Split text file into words

Duncan Booth duncan.booth at invalid.invalid
Tue Mar 8 15:00:27 CET 2005

qwweeeit wrote:

> The standard split() can use only one delimiter. To split a text file
> into words  you need multiple delimiters like blank, punctuation, math
> signs (+-*/), parenteses and so on.
> I didn't succeeded in using re.split()...

Would you care to elaborate on how you tried to use re.split and failed? We 
aren't mind readers here. An example of your non-working code along with 
the expected result and the actual result would be useful.

This is the first example given in the documentation for re.split:

   >>> re.split('\W+', 'Words, words, words.')
   ['Words', 'words', 'words', '']

Does it do what you want? If not what do you want?

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